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Anchiornis martyniuk-1-

Alex The Anchiornis. an "original" design

Alex the Anchiornis is the magnum opus of Corey Kessinger. He is a combination of a dinosaur and Spongebob and is also Corey's imaginary son. He goes on adventures and "roars to the extreme!"


Alex the Anchiornis was born from Corey's facebook rants, about Sonic and dinosaurs.

Thus, an Internet legend, Alex the Anchiornis, was born.

In addition, he's obsessed with Rule 34 and bacon pizza! Because Bacon Is Superior!

Also to add, Corey wants to rule the internet despite the fact that the NSA or Anonymous can singlehandily destroy his internet life and possibly his real one in one swift strike.


What would later become known as "Alex the Anchiornis" hatched as primordial mutagen on 6/6/06, which interestingly enough is also the exact birth date of Corey. It would eventually evolve into an anchiornis, some time later.

One day the city of Bikini Ass was under siege by the Perfect Chaos Monster, and Spongebob attempted to battle the creature. While using Krabby Patties to ward the blob of semen off, Spongebob bumped into the Anchiornis who happened upon the scene. This collision somehow mutated the anchiornis so that it evolved to possess the humor and voice of Spongebob.

Oh, it gets a whole lot worse.....

For Quality Control:

By the way, kiddies. He also set up a new deviantart page. Feel free to troll him.

The collision would described in Filthy Frank's words: "This is cancer. This is so much cancer, I can feel the tumors weighing down on my back!"