Stolen art has been, and always will be, Corey's selling point. From the very day trolls found out about Corey and his creation to today, many people have taken interest in Corey because of his infamously stolen artwork. Encouraging Corey to steal more of it remains a popular troll objective. He has no original art. Let's leave it at that. Corey's fanfic is a fine blend of a wide variety of recognizable copyrighted elements. Just about any existing medium that Corey has ever expressed a fondness for appears in some capacity. Corey has a long history of claiming all credit for fan characters initially acknowledged as being created by others and offered for use in Corey's fanfics. The first of these were Valerie, Fury, and Ethan, but the most infamous instance, and the one that Corey defended the most fervently, was the mobians. At the same time, Corey once had a policy of stealing any fan art he could find. As well, Corey has gone so far as to take a video and alter it to suit his needs. Now, granted, there were other videos done using that same video, but where they just altered the stick character or sped up the video in the same vein as a YouTube Poop, Corey completely and utterly altered the video to suit his needs so that a humorous video over trolling is turned into Corey's mouthpiece to destroy Freedom of Speech to make the Internet safer for him.