Doctor Ivo Robotnik also known as Mr. Pingas or Doctor Eggman is the Series's main Antagonist, and the arch-enemy of the main protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dr. Eggman Bios-1-

Doctor Ivo Robotnik aka Doctor Eggman. The Main Antagonist and Leader Of The Eggman Empire


Both Xenophobic and Misanthropic as well as a really obsessed Technophile. Doctor Ivo Robotnik is a Textbook example of a Sociopath with zero feeling to anyone but himself and his robotic creation's to the point where he basically hates everything and everyone except him and his machines. This form of hatred and selfish nature probably came from his arch enemy, Sonic.  Although Eggman might not have the brightest ideas or working machinery, his never-ending attempts at catching Sonic and/or his friends is the focus of the video game series. ....

Unfortunately, he would suffer from periodic falls of grace.

He likes pineapple juice to pass the time, but never works out. He consistently drinks all the time when not scheming.


He started out as a gigantic dick to people in high school, but slowly became valedictorian in his high school (magnet high school). He then became a ruthless mastermind who graduated college at age 20 and lost all his hair in the process...

He was in charge of creating [REDACTED] which led to the [REDACTED] Incident.