Georgia Henry was a gal pal of Corey's, with whom he had perhaps the closest relationship of his life.

Humble BeginningsEdit

A regular 90s' kid like anyone else, but she and Corey Kessinger shared one thing in common: they hated SatAm and Archie Sonic, hell, they even set up a Anti-Archie Sonic group on Facebook.

Before considered just as nutty as Corey. She shut it down suddenly because she actually has a life and moved on from it.  That  wouldn't  last  as  long....

However, she would see Corey's "I HATE" groups and see disparaging, sexist remarks and even nonsensical ones.  

Georgia would have enough sense to realize that Corey is a fruitcake who needs to have a life. She  left  them  to  his  own  devices  and  feels  pity  for  Corey (Dalek Rex as he prefers calling himself).  She  just  moved  on  from  everything  and  just  focused  on  her  life  and  enjoying  it.

Personally, this editor still think she's nutty, but is great at hiding it. Plus she's from Australia if anyone cares about that detail.  

However, this editor's petty, so digging up old dirty laundry seems appropriate.  Below  is  her  facebook  account, if  anyone  feels  like  bringing  up  old  business, go  right  ahead.

There's the link to her current profile. Heh, how funny.


No one apparently gives a fuck, but still on Facebook. In addition, she should move on and just make a LinkedIn account. Why? So she can move on and get a job like any other person.

Because let's be honest here, who wants to be associated with Corey Kessinger?

UPDATE: She didn't, but hasn't updated in 3+ years. Who knows, LinkedIn and all. But hey, I'm petty and irrational.


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