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Despite his serious demeanor, he's an incompetent politician.  He  always  takes  credit  for  Sonic Team's  successes  despite  his  armed  forces  being  quickly  destroyed  by  Eggman's  forces.

Unfortunately, his  crack unit  is  made  of  misfits, a  bit  similar  to  Team Fortress 2.  They  tend  to  destroy  him  before  the  enemy. Yet he still hires them regardless.


The Medic still puts explosives within his mango juice and putting baboon innards in Ethan via unwarranted surgery.

The Scout still bashes the presidential statues with his bat and some of his Secret Service when getting too close.

The Heavy Gunner goes into a rampage when there are no sandwiches within the cafeteria, particularly roast beef.

The Sniper is picking off Ethan's collection of rare Troll art because it annoys him. However, there was the Kessinger Variant that annoys him to all hell.

The Commando and the Engineer are the only ones who actually take their jobs seriously, but the former when in combat tends to destroy everything around him. I mean, everything. It usually takes three of their paychecks to pay and fix the property damage.

The Pyro is mainly a fan of warm and fried food where he brings his own mini-microwave oven for his burritos and empanadas. However, he seems passionate about striking fear in everyone. But he's friendly with Tails for some reason.

The Spy frightens him the most - He can be one of his aides at anytime.... plus they find someone in a trash can whenever he's around.

However, he recently hired Team Fearless (Fearsome Foursome) as a shadow-ops team to take out Eggman's robot-making factories. They seem to be competent, but unfortunately stole a crap ton of tech from him.

He's  obsessed  with  bacon, mango juice  and  porn.  He's  tecnically  going  to  Sex Addicts Anonymous  to  curb  his  obsessions.

So far, little progress has been made.

Like  the  creator  of  this  wiki, he  won't  be  getting  any  pussy  any  time  soon.  Why?  He  wastes  time  doing  little  things  and  not  getting  his  priorities  straight...

Plus, he  needs  more  Tom Leykis  in  his  life.  It  might  help  him  in  the  long  run.



He was just an mayoral aide.... but the president was quickly taken out because he eloped with his older lover (He was a Cougar hunter). Ethan was voted in... despite having no political experience whatsoever.

Recently, he enacted a tax on bacon and all bacon-related products which stimulated the economy on Mobius.

However, he decided to hire a deadly Mobian known as Megan [Those who read The Walking Dead]. Unfortunately, it led to darkly comic shenanigans.