Mobius is in this fanfic series a planet connected to Earth through a interdimensional gateway known as The Special Zone where time is far slower than in the normal realm of existence and can be used to travel between our world and Mobius like a wormhole

it is made of one large super continent that at it's center is a massive desert that is vast and burning hot with some dry mountian's with the danger's of hostile lifeform's swarming in the sand. toxic sand storm's. savage killer's known as Sand Raider's who stalk the sand dune's for prey. dehydration and even of a ancient civilization who kidnap's people lost in the desert and take's them to the mountian's. at it's center is said to exist a ancient city that was part of a ancient alien civilization who recreated Mobius million's of year's ago that has a gate to a pocket dimension where a ancient entity live's

there is many rainforest's and lush grassland across Mobius as well filled with different thing's and life such as Giant Mushroom's. Giant Venus Flytrap's. Ancient Underground City's. Giant Bee Hive's. River whale's. Tiny Singing Crocodile's have Rainbow coloration. Giant Prehistoric Amphibian's swimming in the lake's and river's. Flying shark's. Sea Serpent's. Various form's of Butterflie's ranging from Gentle Giant's the size of Plane's to Small Vampiric Killer's who swarm in number's to Hawk sized nocturnal critter's who live at beaches and coastal cave's. Toxic Flower's who spread Parasitic spore's and Tiny Pink Elephant's

and there exist's a giant ocean that is vast and deep with violent storm's raging across where it is million's of mile's away from land and nothing but darkness and chaos surround's unwary traveler's. there is also thousand's of form's of monsterous being's such as Giant Parasitiod Octopus the size of a Building. Marine Scorpion's that are the size of Killer whale's and travel in pack's. Vampiric shark's. Venomous shark's. Parasitic shark's. Parastic Coral. Parastic Crab's. Parastic Sea Star's. Parastic Sea Sponge's. Parastic Dolphin's the size of rat's. Parastic Sea Turtle's. Parastic Bat's who live inside whale's. Parastic Snail's. Parastic Sea slug's the size of small dog's. Plesiosaur's. Pilosaur's. Mosasaur's. Rainbow colored whale's and Marine Crocodile's

and there is also various island's scattered across the planet such as The World Famous South island. Cocoa island. Conch island. Chaos Star island and Dark Mount island which animal's like Miniture Brachiosaur's. Giant Dragonflie's. Beach Ant's. Forest Starfish and Forest Seal's roam and Mobian's live in village's and town's and there is rain forest's with Fresh water coral reef's in the lake's and Dark Leaf Tree's and Parastic honey bee's. Mobian's travel to from island to island using harbor's and by ship's

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