i have been been long thinking of a awesome Sonic Game called Sonic Into The Reboot A where Ancient Race of Trans-Dimensional Alien Being's from 400 Trillion Eon's ago Kidnap Sonic. Doctor Eggman. Tails. Knuckles. Shadow. E-123 Omega. Orbot and Cubot and Transform The Universe into a Blank void and have them all stand Trial for their crime's of abusing their creation's The Chaos Emerald's and Slaying Solaris in cold blood but they all fight back against The Alien being's in a epic team up and at the middle of the game they gain the upper hand only for Doctor Eggman to look into The Fabric of The Multiverse and discover's various alternate universe version's of himself and the real world where People are praising Eggman's Alternate Universe Version's and Bashing on him which drive's Doctor Eggman into Furious Envious Rage and become's a complete sociopath driven to be the most evil incarnation of himself ever to prove to the fan's and transform the entire sonic multiverse in his own image to do so while destroying every version of his hated Arch-Enemy and his Alternate Universe Counterpart's who he hates even more and proceed's to take over and forcing Sonic and His Friend's to team up with The Ancient Alien Race inorder to stop Eggman's Most Vicious. Petty and Evil scheme yet and at the end Eggman use's a powerful mech attached to him to summon copie's of Metal Sonic. Chaos and Mephiles the dark to fight you in three different Boss Stage's with First Metal Sonic then Chaos then Mephiles the dark and after that He has them fuse together to become a being called Metal Chaos The Dark and As The Final Boss battle is done we cut to Sonic and Eggman fighting over a device designed to reboot a entire universe and it randomly set's off at Random and get's sucked into a black hole which then mutate's and sucks everyone in except the Ancient Alien's and magically reboot's the universe back int something new and better than ever

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